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The new wave of cuisine represented by the bistronomy movement is pumping, innovative and fuelled by tattoo-ridden young cooks shaking up the status quo to deliver phenomenally clever food at affordable prices – without the pomp and circumstance of high-end restaurants. This is haute cuisine for the people.

Through recipes and accompanying narrative, this dynamic book captures the vital elements of bistronomy – the democratic spirit of generous, affordable hospitality and the imaginative reworking of classic fare built on quality ingredients and technique. Bistronomy is about sharing and this book embraces that concept by presenting more than 100 recipes generously contributed by bistronomy chefs the world over, from Paris to London, New York City, Panama and Australia.


Lulu Le Baby Chef

A Most Magnificent Cook

Lulu is born no ordinary child. 

She makes soufflés before she can talk and naturally leavened sourdoughs before she can walk. But despite her skills in the kitchen, Lulu finds that the ‘perfect’ dish continues to elude her. So she packs her bags and travels the world, cooking at Le Cordon Bleu and winning Junior Masterchef. But despite roaming, experiencing and cooking across the globe, Lulu cannot find what is missing. Perhaps she will never create the perfect dish.


Lulu Le Baby Chef is a heart-warming tale that engages the current zeitgeist for all things culinary. It is a picture book that will appeal to a broad audience, bridging the readership gap between “There is a hippopotamus on my roof eating cake” and “Go the f%^k to sleep”.  While entertaining to read with gentle humour where Lulu’s every cooking activity is thwarted by her search for a certain ‘umami’, it features satisfyingly simple rhyming text and an overarching message about the importance of love and family in making children feel happy, safe, and secure while encouraging them to chase what they love and dream.

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The go to guide for those random life scenarios when food is the only answer.
Kitchen Coquette is a cookbook that will make you smile. It will feed ten hungry friends, the man of your dreams and your lovely gran, with bites to eat for all those inspired moments in between.

This is not a breakfast, lunch, dinner format – this is a cookbook that knows what you cook to fortify the soul is vastly different to what you might cook to impress a first date. It’s a cookbook with some lifeblood… one that is funny, real, approachable and challenging. A cookbook that makes you feel surges of culinary awesomeness. A go to guide that gives you a sense of achievement, while embracing all those tear-ruined, sweaty-palmed, and swear word fuelled moments of life. All while providing the dish that suits.

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